Use this site to keep informed about forthcoming concerts of classical and light music in London and the South-East given by the host of amateur and semi-professional organisations that serve the area.


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If you represent an organisation whose programme is not listed here and would like to include your events in the diary, please submit details of your concert(s) using this form.

We regularly remove past events from the diary, groups list, index of works and venue map. However, you can refer back to this information from our archive page.

Project 21C Although the primary purpose of this website is as a diary of future events, the archived information on past performances is a useful resource. Whilst priority will always be given to current data updates, work has now commenced with the aim of filling in the performance history of as many groups as possible back to the beginning of the century, i.e. predating the creation of concertdiarysoutheast. Not all groups have this information on their websites, and some have only partial information, but it is hoped that by mid-2019 all the information we can find will have been entered into our database: until then, you will find the data appearing group by group. We will shortly be creating a special ‘Project 21C’ page for latest information on which groups’ data has been entered, and the names of groups where the information is unavailable or incomplete: if you are involved with any of these groups and can fill in the gaps, it would be much appreciated!

From time to time we produce publicity material – here are some recent examples:

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